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Circular No. 13-013 - To All PIAP Members

Published on July 15, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version


Dear Fellow Members:

As your Acting President I am constrained today to communicate with you on certain aspects that concern the harmony and growth of our association in the immediate future and thereafter so that it may be clearly understood.

The burden of the responsibilities that is required of an incumbent PIAP President is indeed serious and difficult to contend with, and within a few days of my assumption as Acting President I am confronted with critical issues that require prudent discernment and strong will to take the necessary actions in the interest of the majority of our members.

We are about to launch our annual exhibit - PRINT PHILIPPINES 2013 at the World Trade Center in September of this year. In the past, our past presidents and directors have made impressive achievements by both introducing latest technologies for the benefit to our membership and the public as well. But today the landscape of the economy and competition changed into a very different scenario for all the stakeholders in our industry. For instance, much as it is desired by the vendors and exhibitors to provide us what we need to learn, they are also concerned with making the two ends meet, which is to provide benefits to us but do it in an economical sense with appropriate returns to satisfy their corporate goals and objectives.

We have to gratefully acknowledge the exhibitors and trade partners who foot the bill for the yearly exhibit at PRINT PHILIPPINES, and have consistently supported our association without fail. But over the years, competition emerged in the playing field of our industry and instead of us being the lone exhibition venue there are now several others. Our exhibitors who tried to patronize almost each one of these exhibition soon realized that they are losing money with little benefits to expect. Their over-exposure diminished the influx of visitors and dampened the enthusiasm of the public to visit these events as there is redundancy. Naturally it resulted to their financial losses in such projects.

Further on, the community of exhibitors had a consensus that the only logical way to make it work if they must continue to exhibit their technologies and products, is to be done with one single exhibition venue annually. In addition, the exhibitors for one reason or the other converged to become members of Philippine Printing Technical Foundations Inc. (PPTF)- a sister organization of PIAP, more-so many of them have actively engaged themselves as Directors of the PPTF Board. With this advent of events there was a clamor from the community of exhibitors to appeal with Printing Industries Association of the Phils. and Phil. Printing Technical Foundations Inc. to conduct joint exhibit for the common benefits of everybody.

It was pointed out if such a cooperative undertaking may be effected, it will really redound to much desired benefits economically not to mention the goodwill and harmony that shall exist amongst them. The exhibitors heartily pledged their support and patronage to this joint exhibit if it can materialize.

Since the start of this year 2013 the leadership of the two organizations – PIAP and PPTF have started on this endeavor with joint meetings, and consequently holding a First Joint General Membership Meeting (PIAP/PPTF) sponsored by a vendor/exhibitor. This event practically enhanced a lot the inter-relationship, understanding and cooperation between the tripartite bodies. Shortly later there were more meetings held between the parties concerned to push for the joint exhibit as earlier mentioned, and the atmosphere of cohesiveness appeared to be more apparent and encouraging.

Very recently, there were a group of thirteen (13) exhibitors who joined hands in writing the two organizations – PIAP/PPTF and appealed that the projected exhibit this year be conducted jointly together. In this connection, PPTF was the one who took the initiative to inform PIAP about it and took the step forward in inviting PIAP to join hands together with PPTF in such undertaking as requested by the group of exhibitors. The PIAP Board have resolved and tasked the Executive officers to meet with PPTF and some exhibitors in exploring the ways and means to attain said goal. Ideas, proposals were exchanged between PIAP and PPTF with the exhibitors as contributors of data and information for such objectives.

Finally, on April 5, 2013 PIAP and PPTF officials met to negotiate on the final terms and conditions for such implementation of joint exhibit, I together with PIAP President on leave – Ronnie Sy and Secretary Enrique Tansipek were present during this meeting with PPTF President Dominador Buhain and President Emeritus Benito Brizuela. Later on April 8, a PIAP special board meeting took place to discuss the above-mentioned terms and conditions for a Memorandum of Understanding to be effected between PIAP and PPTF. At this board meeting there were some differences of opinion but in general and by majority of the PIAP Directors present the matter of the PIAP/PPTF joint exhibit were voted upon favorably and approved, except for the suggested concerns of PPTF which is particularly the issue on a principle of rotative chairmanship annually between PIAP and PPTF. All other things are all equitably and equally divided between PIAP and PPTF. This resolution was communicated by myself as PIAP Acting President to PPTF who were in conformity except that they insisted on the rotative Chairmanship arrangement annually. Since both organizations have made reservations with the respective exhibit venue and cannot anymore allow delay of the decision, it is necessary that PIAP must make its final decision promptly on this lone issue of disagreement or reservations may be cancelled causing a disaster.

Due to the exigency of the matter, as Acting President I was left with no choice but to consult the Board of Directors by text messages and telephone calls to get a consensus by majority for me to act expediently and prudently in behalf of PIAP and later on have such action formally ratified by the Board in a scheduled Board Meeting, as this is a super urgent matter which cannot wait any more.

After getting a favorable response from majority of the Directors, I communicated to PPTF that PIAP have accepted the condition of rotative chairmanship annually between PIAP and PPTF which is considered a fair and reasonable arrangement for joint venture projects. It is an empirical action which is necessary to keep every stakeholder afloat and survive.
It is in this light that I am reporting the subject matter to the membership for transparency and to call on all PIAP members to join hands and support this undertaking for our common benefits, and also for the sake of harmony and cooperation among stakeholders in our industry. Let’s help each other in making PRINT PHILIPPINES 2013 a success for everybody. May God bless us all.

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

Acting President


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