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Published on January 26, 2015Email To Friend    Print Version

To: All PIAP Members

Dear Fellow Printers and Members,

    I am pleased to report that the Secretary General of the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines and as a Charter and founding member of ASIA PRINT was invited to attend the Roadshow and Media presentation of PRINT CHINA 2015 show scheduled on April 7-12, 2015 at the Guangdong Modern Exhibition Center in China.

    The conference agenda for the PRINT CHINA 2015 presentation was composed of two parts. The first part was a whole day conference where all the world’s leading exhibitors and printing machine manufacturers presented their latest technological innovative, and advance products.

    The following are the sequence of the agenda:

(1) Progress report and the preparation on the PRINT CHINA 2015 show and the number of exhibitors, totalling 1,300.

(2) Video presentation of PRINT CHINA 2015 with promotional attractions.

(3) Integrative development of offset technology and digital printing – Mr. Tan Haochin, General Manager of HEIDELBERG.

(4) Digital Printing, all in CANON – Mr. Kraan Pieter, Senior Manager of CANON Professional Printing Products.

(5) New Experience, Growth together - Mr. Huang Jeanifeng, Sales Director, DINGAL RYOBI-MHI

(6) Innovative leads the efficiency revolution – Mr. Ching Chan, President of KOMORI (Hong Kong)

(7) Supporting to PRINT CHINA 2015 – Mr. Fui Xuezhi, General Manager HANS-GRONHI

(8) MANROLAND – The legend has evolved – Mr. Roy Guo, Assistant Global Marketing Manager of MANROLAND

(9) Integration – Explore the New Business Opportunities – Mr. Steel Li, Director of Digital Printing, KONIKA MINOLTA

(10) Together & Better Towards Globalization – Mr. Louis Lee, Business Development Director of MASTERWORK

(11) Value from Innovation – Mr. Yuji Oke, General Manager Assistant of FUJIFILM.

(12) PRESENTATION BY RICOH – Tommy Tang, Product Manager of RICOH

    Aside from the above-mentioned companies that participated in the Roadshow and Media Presentation, the following well known international suppliers are also participating as exhibitors in the PRINT CHINA 2015. Most of these exhibitors were not present at the All in Print China in Shanghai last year.

    The following are the other well known companies that are exhibitors at the PRINT CHINA 2015; HP, KBA, KODAK, GOSS, BOBST, AGFA, FUJI XEROX, MBO, ESKO, X-RITE, PANTONE, KOLBUS, FOUNDER, ETERNA, BEIREN GROUP, KING LABEL, CERUTTI, AMSKY & TOYO INK.

    Because of the prestige and the size of the exhibition, it has attracted all international well known brands of the Printing Industry, which make it a must for all printers worth his salt to attend, as this will be the biggest Printing show in 2015, where the latest trends and technological innovations in the printing industry will be launched.

    After the conference, this was followed by group picture and an International Gala Dinner was tendered.

    The second part followed the next day with a plant tour at the LUK KA Creative & Cultural Center at Shenzhen, China.

    The LUK KA PRINTING PLANT is an integrated plant where they manufacture their own paper requirement up to complete finished products and is located at the Luk Ka Industrial City with 120,000 MM which is one of the biggest printing plants in China.

    PRINT CHINA 2015 is two times bigger than the All in Print China in Shanghai, where more than 60 top Filipino printers from PIAP participated and was received with VIP accommodation.

    Practically all the big names and giants in the printing industry will exhibit their latest innovative technological advance products. Big names such as Heidelberg, MAN-Roland, KBA, CANON, KOMORI, KONICA MINOLTA, FUJI FILM, RICOH, RYOBI-MHI, HANS-GRONHI, MASTERWORK and many others well known international brands of the printing industry.

    The Printing Industries Association of the Philippines is organizing a big delegation of top Filipino printers to attend this very interesting and exciting printing show for 2015, just like the successful “All in Print China” in Shanghai, China. We have already received 24 confirmed reservation and have only a few more slots left available.

    If you are interested to attend the PRINT CHINA 2015, please make your reservation immediately with our Secretariat to insure your inclusion.

    Joining the delegation with PIAP is always a guaranteed enjoyable trip where we are always treated and received as VIP’s and hosted with a welcome dinner and given special crafted souvenier gifts by the organizer, because of the prestige enjoyed by PIAP abroad.

    Please make your reservation with our Secretariat immediately. This is a trip where you can also purchase replacement parts of your expensive printing machines at a fraction of its original cost.

    We look forward to your participation in this very interesting exciting trip and enjoy the company, warm fellowship and camaraderie of your fellow printers during this exciting trip.

                                                                                                          Very truly yours,

                                                                                                          JOHN L. CHOA
                                                                                                          Secretary General
                                                                                                          President Emeritus
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