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Circular No. 74, Series of 2015 - PIAP’S 3 in 1 AFFAIR

Published on December 12, 2015Email To Friend    Print Version

To        :   All PIAP Members

Dear Fellow Printers & Members,

    I am pleased to report to you that the additional raffle prizes aside from those listed in Circular no. 72 with 48 expensive raffle prizes and with 3 round trip tickets to Singapore, Thailand & Hong Kong have now reached 53.

    This year’s raffle prizes will be the biggest and most attractive in the history of PIAP. Nowhere can you attend an affair offering such arrays of expensive raffle prizes. This can only happen in PIAP, because we always work hard to serve our members.

    There will be some innovation in the manner in which we will conduct our raffles. In order to encourage our members to come on time, either before or at 7:00 PM, which is the start of our program, instead of raffling out our prizes from the lowest to the highest, we will ramble our raffle prizes to start with the expensive appliances at the start of the program at 7:00 PM. This is to encourage the printers who come early to have a better chance of winning these expensive raffle prizes as there will be less competition. We noticed that some of our members come quite late in order to have a better chance of winning the more expensive appliances. Hence, we are leaving only the drawing of the 3 round trip tickets to Singapore, Thailand & Hong Kong as the last.

    In short, the earlier you arrived, the better chance you will win the expensive prizes, so please come before 7:00 PM. If you come late, you will be left with the minor prizes, except for the 3 round trip tickets.

    Likewise, since this will be a Chinese lauriat dinner, all printers will be requested to sit in a table of 12 before the food will be served. There will be usherettes who will escort you to your seat, so that your table can be served first. Good foods and exciting entertainment awaits you in our 3 in 1 affair, so please come early.


We are still waiting for more than ten donors to confirm their donations.

Please reserve December 17, 2015 and attend our most enjoyable and exciting Christmas fellowship with your family and fellow printers.

I hope to see all of you there to enjoy the best Christmas party you will attend this year.
Have a blessed Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year.


Very truly yours,

Secretary General
President Emeritus

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