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Published on January 18, 2016Email To Friend    Print Version

To        :   All PIAP Members

Dear Fellow Printers & Members,

I am pleased to announce that under the able and dynamic leadership of our President Mila San Juan, she has started her term with a big bang, which forebode good tidings for our association.

Without losing any time, she started the ball rolling by holding a 2 days Strategic Planning & Team Building Session, which is aim at making a very cohesive and supporting Board under her administration. The most important is that we have adopted the battle cry of “Good Governance and Responsible Leadership” to be the personal commitment of every member of the Board.

  Through her leadership, she has also taken the control of leadership for all the members of the Board to follow under her guidance and leadership to make PIAP in 2016 a dynamic force that will provide meaningful and quality service to our members.

  During our session, it can be noted that all the members of the Board have followed the inspirational leadership of our President, that for the first time all the members of the Board have submitted a written report, spelling out what they intend to do with the respective committees they chaired.

   This is a very important signal that all our members can expect in the future that all the activities and projects of our association will be fully supported by the members of the Board under a united team all supporting each other to insure  success.

Watch out for future circulars and announcements and be active to participate with your personal presence to support PIAP which is your very own.
The super session was a resounding success which was held at Villa Soledad Beach Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan and was sponsored and hosted free of charge with food and lodging by the super team of Tony & Sol Aldave. This was because they were such fantastic hosts and this first class resort is teeming with so many visitors, we would recommend this beach resort for the future destination of our fellow printers for their holidays.

  The members of the Board would like to express our million thanks and appreciation to Tony and Sol Aldave, who provided the members of the Board not ordinary rooms but fantastic suites, all equipped with a kitchen, sala and big wide bed with 50” LED TV. They hosted four fantastic meals with two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast and merienda in between. All participants were also given the famous Bolinao Bangus and other special products of Bolinao, all for free.

    No wonder all the members of the Board were so inspired and fully charged with energy to commit themselves to make PIAP one of the best in our history under the leadership of President Mila San Juan.     


Very truly yours,

Secretary General
President Emeritus


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