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Circulars 2016
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Circular No. 30, Series of 2016 - Entrance Ticket for DRUPA 2016

Published on April 08, 2016Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Fellow Printers and Members,

    DRUPA shows is the most prestigious and biggest international printing show in the world; it is called the Printing Olympics and is held every four years.
    In view of the size of the shows which occupy 16 halls, it is the only printing shows that charges for entrance fee.


                             ONLINE PRICE        ON-SITE PRICE
1 DAY TICKET        EURO 45.00            EURO 65.00
3 DAYS TICKET      EURO 120.00          EURO 175.00
5 DAYS TICKET      EURO 190.00          EURO 290.00

    It is suggested that in order to save some money that you secure your entrance tickets online.

    For printers who will be visiting the Heidelberg plant in Wiesloch, it is suggested that you secure the three (3) days ticket at EURO 120.00 while the associate members or suppliers, it is suggested that you secure for a 4 days ticket, get one three (3) days ticket at EURO 120.00 and a one (1) day ticket at EURO 45.00 or a total of EURO 165.00 -- instead of five (5) days at EURO 190.00.


    It is also suggested especially those suppliers, whose principals will participate as exhibitors at DRUPA 2016, to secure their entrance tickets from your suppliers or principals. They might have extra entrance tickets.

    If you have any other source where we can secure a cheaper entrance tickets, please let us know and we will appreciate it very much.


Very truly yours,

Secretary General
President Emeritus


Noted by:
MILAGROS A. SAN JUAN             



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