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Published on October 26, 2016Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Fellow Printers & Members,

I am very happy and proud to report to you that we just came back from a super successful trip to “All in Print China 2016” in Shanghai.

First, we were accorded a special VIP welcome reception, where all the delegates were given free catalog of the show and a special crafted porcelain contained in a very attractive shock proof packaging box. I was also invited as a VIP during the opening ceremony.

Second, we were invited by Ideal Marketing and Mfg. Corporation and Kodak to visit their ultra modern Kodak Plant in Shanghai, where most of their products are manufactured. There after we were treated to a fantastic lunch of Shanghainese dishes with 15 courses served.

Third, we were treated to a free lunch by Mr. Dennis Guttierez of Printech Graphic Supply at the Papa Jones Restaurant where they served the best bake beef rice and pizzas. In short all the meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner were free for 5 days and the delegates didn’t spend a single centavos for their meals. This is why they have a lot of money for their shopping sprees.

Our delegation was also brought to visit the Shanghai Tower and thereafter treated to a super delicious international buffet with more than 100 dishes to choose from, at the revolving restaurant of the Shanghai Tower, where you can see the entire Shanghai City.

Likewise, we were brought to a tax free jade jewelry store, where a lot of our participants bought expensive jewel for their love one including myself.

We were also brought to a plant where they produce various products made of the famous Chinese silk.

Our delegation was also brought to the Nanjing road with the entire road closed for tourist where you can buy a lot of expensive genuine signature products and also at the bargain center mall where you can buy cheap genuine fake products, and the new craze flying drone at a very cheap prize.

But the most important part of our trip, aside from witnessing from the 11 halls of the exhibits where some of the latest and newest printing technologies were launched, was the opportunity to buy replacement parts of our expensive printing machines at a fraction of its original cost.

Almost all of us came back overweight with baggage because of the metal parts and excessive shopping sprees.

All of them were very satisfied that they already signified their intention to join our next trip to “China Print 2017” at Beijing next year, which will be 3 times bigger than the “All in Print China” in Shanghai.

Whenever our members joined us in our foreign trips abroad they always come back with full satisfaction and enjoyment, because this has been our trademark and our commitment to serve our member with dedicated service and utmost devotion.


Very truly yours,
Secretary General
President Emeritus

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