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Circular no. 13 series of 2017 - Progress Report on Print Philippines 2017

Published on April 10, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Fellow Printers and Members,
I am pleased to report on the progress of the PRINT
PHILIPPINES 2017. Within a short period of one week there was an
increase by 10% from 60% previously announced to now 70% fully booked
by our exhibitors, there are only 30% left to be fully occupied. As I have
previously stated this is unprecedented in the history of PIAP. This means
our exhibitors and suppliers are very eager and interested to participate in
PRINT PHILIPPINES 2017, because it means it is an effective tools and
medium for the exhibitors to push and promote their products and services.
Our valued exhibitors are now looking up to PRINT PHILIPPINES
2017 as an effective venue where they can rely on in pushing their objective
to reach their targets sales.
PRINT PHILIPPINES 2017 is a show that can definitely promote their
products and services which they would like to promote and project to the
printing industry.
On top of this and as added attractions we have organized more than
20 topics for the seminar during the 4 days exhibit, where our exhibitors can
participate in presenting various topics for the development of our printing
industry, more particularly to promote their products and services which we
are offering free of charge.
We at PIAP are definitely very happy that our exhibitors and
suppliers can count on the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines
(PIAP), to serve as their conduit to network with the printers and printing
industry in the Philippines
We have all have been working very hard and we commit ourselves
to make PRINT PHILIPPINES 2017 the best and most attractive and
effective means for our suppliers and exhibitors to reach the printing market
in the Philippines.

This is another quality service, which we are proud to provide
to our members and the Printing Industry in the Philippines.

Very truly yours,
Noted by: Secretary General
President Emeritus


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