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Circular No. 76, Series of 2017 - Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night

Published on December 07, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Fellow Printers & Members,
In view of the super success of our Print Philippines 2017, The Printing Industry Association of the Philippines tendered a Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night on November 9, 2017 at the fabulous and historical The Manila Hotel.
The program was participated by 4 distinguished testimonial speakers namely;
Ninang Luningning Regala
Ideal Marketing and Manufacturing Corporation
Mr. John Harper
Heidelberg Philippines, Inc.
Mr. Leeyan Tan
Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc.
Mr. Ping Caisido
Caledonian International Corporation

Special Awards, Loyalty Awards and Certificates of Participation were given to our valued exhibitors.
Special Awards
1. Ideal Marketing & Manufacturing Corp. - MOST CREATIVE BOOTH
2. U-Bix Corporation - MOST FANTASTIC BOOTH
3. Ricoh Philippines, Inc. - MOST DYNAMIC BOOTH
4. Copylandia Office Systems Corp. – MOST ATTRACTIVE BOOTH
5. Multistiq, Inc. - MOST IMPRESSIVE BOOTH
6. Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc. - MOST VERSATILE BOOTH
7. E. S. Print Media, Inc. - MOST POPULAR BOOTH
8. Touch Art Trading Enterprises, Inc. - MOST ATTRACTIVE BOOTH
9. Heidelberg Philippines, Inc. - MOST INNOVATIVE BOOTH
10. Norde International Distributors / HP - MOST FABULOUS BOOTH
11. Caledonian International Corporation - MOST ASTONISHING BOOTH
12. Big Pix Graphic Systems, Inc. - MOST INSPIRING BOOTH
13. Valiant Paper Asia-Pacific Corp. - MOST PROMISING BOOTH
14. Kelin Graphics System Corp. - MOST VERSATILE BOOTH
15. Lexis Sterling Gold Philippines, Inc. - MOST INGENIOUS BOOTH
16. Colent Medical & Graphic, Inc. – MOST UNIQUE BOOTH
17. Epson Philippines Corporation – MOST FRIENDLY BOOTH

Loyalty Awards
1. Chase Technologies Corporation
2. Hicor Manufacturing Corporation
3. Hi-Gloss Lamination, Inc.
4. Ideal Marketing & Manufacturing Corporation
5. K-More Philippines, Inc.
6. Multistiq, Inc.
7. Norde International Distributors / HP
8. Ricoh Philippines, Inc.
9. Touch Art Trading Enterprises, Inc.
10.U-Bix Corporation
11.Printech Graphic Supply
12.Copylandia Office Systems Corporation
Framed Certificates of Participation
1. Big Pix Graphic Systems, Inc.
2. C. Melchers GMBH Co.
3. Caledonian International Corporation
4. Chase Technologies Corporation
5. Colent Medical & Graphic, Inc.
6. Copylandia Office Systems Corporation
7. Datien Machinovate International, Inc

8. Ding Shung Machinery Co., Ltd.
9. Dongguan Sunkia Machinery Co., Ltd.
10. E. S. Print Media, Inc.
11. Easeprint
12. Epson Philippines Corporation
13. Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc.
14. Globis, Inc.
15. Graficad Creation, Inc.
16. GTY International Corporation
17. Heidelberg Philippines, Inc.
18. Hicor Manufacturing Corporation
19. Hi-Gloss Lamination, Inc.
20. Ideal Marketing & Manufacturing Corporation
21. International Fine Paper Exchange, Inc.
22. Kelin Graphic Systems Corporation
23. Kiker Trading
24. K-More Philippines, Inc.
25. Kunshan Taitian New Material Co., Ltd.
26. Leentech Network Solutions, Inc.
27. Leonhard Kurz (Far East) Ltd.

28. Lexis Sterling Gold Philippines, Inc.
29. Multistiq, Inc.
30. Niclao Trading
31. Norde International Distributors / HP
32. Onix Metro Enterprises
33. Orix Metro Leasing and Financial Corporation
34. PIAP, Inc.
35. Polland
36. Prestige Quality Paper Products Corporation
37. Printech Graphic Supply
38. Ricoh Philippines, Inc.
39. Roygbiv Printing Press
40. Shanghai Eureka Machinery
41. Sofitec HD Printing
42. Touch Art Trading Enterprises, Inc.

43. U-Bix Corporation
44. Valiant Paper Asia-Pacific Corporation
45. Wordtext System, Inc.
46. Yii Lee Enterprises Co.
As a result of our very outstanding exhibition, more than 50% of the Exhibitors have already made their reservations for Print Philippines 2018 next year.
We would like to thank our Almighty God for his Blessings and Guidance, and to say a big Thank You to all of our valued Exhibitors in helping and contributing to the success of our Print Philippines 2017.
To this we say,S to God be the Glory.


Very truly yours,
Noted by: Secretary General
President Emeritus


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