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Circular No. 06, Series of 2019 - SGI DUBAI 2019

Published on January 22, 2019Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Fellow Printers & Members,

I am pleased to announce that we just came back from a successful
trip to attend the SGI Dubai 2019 show. This is the first time for PIAP to visit
a printing show in the Middle East, and it was thoroughly an enjoyable and
exciting one.
All the participants were treated as VIPs and I was privileged to be
invited to participate in the opening ceremony. After which, all the VIPs were
toured around the exhibition site where the King of Dubai was the Guest of
What impressed us most was that money seemed not to be a problem
for the organizers because they were 100% fully supported by their
government, unlike in the Philippines.
We were able to see some of the most interesting tourist spots in
Dubai in a short period of time. We visited the only 7-Star Hotel in the
World which was located in Dubai. We also went to the famous Atlantis
Hotel. The tallest building in the world is also located at Dubai. We had the
opportunity to visit the largest Mosque of the Muslim world in Abu Dhabi,
which is their biggest attraction.
There are many, many more tourist spots to visit, but in view of the
shortness of our stay, we were limited only to some of the most attractive.
Some of the participants decided to extend their stay for an additional two
days to fully enjoy their stay in Dubai.

This is a classic example of “shooting two birds with one stone”, we
were able to attend an International Printing Show and at the same time visit
some of the most interesting and attractive spots in Dubai.
SGI Dubai 2019 was run efficiently, with the top executive positions
occupied by efficient and capable Filipinos, which make the Philippines
proud. As a matter of fact, everywhere we go, it is the Filipino that is at the
forefront - because they are trustworthy, work with dignity and are well
respected by their Arab employers.
The organizers are so efficient that they have already produced the
brochure for SGI Dubai 2020 to be held next year on January 12–14, 2020.
For those who have not had the opportunity to visit Dubai, it is recommended
that you join us in SGI Dubai 2020.



























                                                                                                                   Very truly yours,

Secretary General
President Emeritus
Chairman, ASEAN Integration
and International Trade and




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