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Circulars 2013
Circular No. 13-035

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            I am pleased to provide you the initial list of our valuable raffle prizes which we are going to give away on our 3 in 1 affair on December 19, 2013, at the Century Seafood Restaurant, P. Ocampo St., Manila, at 7:00 PM sharp.


1.)    1 Unit Motorcycle

Donated by Bobbit Patag


2.)    1 Round Trip Ticket to Thailand

Donated by Uni Orient Travel


3.)    1 Round Trip Ticket to Hongkong

Donated by Uni Orient Travel


4.)    1 Unit Aircon

Donated by Ideal Marketing & Mfg. Compan


5.)    1 Unit of Aircon

Donated by Triplex Enterprises


6.)    1 Unit – LED TV 36”

Donated by Caledonian International Corp.


7.)    1 Unit – LED TV 32”

Donated by Foremost Pre-press Supplies, Inc.


8.)    1 Unit – LED TV 32”

Donated by Lamco Paper Products


9.)    1 Unit – LED TV 24”

Donated by Fujifilm , Inc.


10.)            1 Unit – LED TV 22”

Donated by ASA Color


11.)            1 Unit Panasonic Refrigerator, 7 cubic feet

            Donated by JND International Corp.


12.)                    1 Unit Panasonic Refrigerator, 7 cubic feet

            Donated by King General Machinery, Inc.


13.)    1 Unit Panasonic Refrigerator, 7 cubic feet

Donated by Chase Marketing


14.)    1 Unit Mini Refrigerator

Donated by Norde International Distributors


15.)    1 Unit of Washing Machin 7.5 Kgs.

Donated by Young’s Paper Sales, Inc.


16.)    CASH – PhP 5,000.00

Donated by NAPPCO


17.)    Stand Fan

Donated by Interworld Cre Company, Inc.



            Please note that this is just an initial list and are for the major prizes only. There will be more than 30 other prizes which will be announced in our subsequent circular which will complete the list of more than 50 or more raffle prizes in line with our 50th Anniversary celebration this year.


            There will be innovation in our raffle of prizes this year. Instead of starting the raffle with the minor prizes leading up to the major prizes, we will interchange the raffle with major and minor prizes, to encourage our members to come on time at exactly 7:00 PM, so if you come late, most of the major prizes will already be raffled off. Please come on time at exactly 7:00 PM to have a chance to win the major prizes. We will just leave around 5 major prizes to be raffled out after the closing remarks and we intend to finish our program early this year.


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