in the

Digital Age


Dear Fellow Printers and Members,
Many of us are still in awe of this so called Digital Age, also called Computer Age or New Media Age.
It is brought about by the shift from traditional industry to an economy based on information technology. The onset of the Information Age is associated with the digital revolution which continues to change over time as new technologies, user devices, and methods of interaction enter the domain of research, development and market launch.
We printers and print suppliers like to think that print is far from being dead. It is probably true because of print’s tangibility and durability; its credibility and trust set it apart from the noisy clutter of the online landscape. Research has shown that readers are more likely to retain information on printed material leading to higher engagement levels. Print offers undivided attention, rather than the multitasking experience with online content.
In order to survive the impact of this new age to our still somewhat traditional local printing industry, we must seriously think of connecting to our customers in more meaningful ways – by creating products and services that leverage our heritage in print but also connect somehow into the digital and online world.
This is something we must do now for our own businesses and for our industry as a whole.





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