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PIAP has built a reputation over the years and its credibility now allows access to key spots in the government’s machinery where decisions that affects printers are made or influenced.

As an organized body, PIAP can raise issues for clarification by executives in government ministries.

Increasingly, PIAP is called upon to give the sentiments and opinion of its members on a variety of issues.

PIAP maintains contact which is mutually beneficial with officers of several organizations that are considered associates in the industry such as:
• GATF (Graphics Arts Technical Foundation),
• NAPL (National Association of Printers and Lithographers),
• PCCI (Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry),
• PIBFI (Philippine Industry Board Foundation, Inc),
• Paper Traders Association,
• Ink Manufacturers Association of the Phlippines and
• Machine Dealers Association of the Philippines.



Every other month, a general membership meeting is held for members to meet and exchange ideas. Usually, these meetings introduce a new product in the printing industry, and is sponsored by a member company or to present an invited guest speaker to speak on relevant matters affecting the PIAP membership and businesses.

Overseas missions are organized at least twice a year for members to witness major technological advancements in the field. These invitations from different Asian and Western countries reach PIAP office on a regular basis.


PIAP offers a wide range of printing update seminars to meet the current needs of its members.

Through the Association’s link with similar group worldwide, members get news on the latest technical developments, as well as information on relevant government laws, rules and a regulations, when each member receives a FREE COPY of the Philippine Printer, the official organ of the association.


The management of the association is handled by the board of 15 directors elected by the members once a year. The board is composed of a president, three vice president, a treasurer, secretary, auditor PRO and seven directors.

PIAP’s activities are planned and executed by working committees.

These committees are:
Awards and Recognition
Constitution & By Laws
Government Affair
International Relations
Legal Affairs
Membership Assistance
Membership & Chapter Relations
Print Excellence Contest
Program and General Membership
Public Relations
Publication & Internet
Research & Development
Sports & Fellowship Event
Ways & Means

Membership Dues

    Entrance Fee Membership Dues (Annual)
Regular Member P 2,000.00 P 3,000.00
Associate Member P 2,000.00 P 4,000.00
Provincial Member P 2,000.00 P 1,500.00


Regular Members are printers licensed to engage as such in printing business, including publishers with printing services departments.

Associate Members are non-printers engage in the business of selling or dealing in printing machinery, paper materials and supplies.

Provincial Members are those licensed  as such doing business outside metro manila.






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